Camp Coolamatong

Year 8 students from the Drouin and Leongatha campuses went to Camp Coolamatong near Paynesville for five days during Term 1. It was a great week of adventurous activities, with students encouraged to stretch their limits within a safe environment.

Activities included an overnight hike, bike riding, canoeing and geocaching. There were a lot of challenges throughout the week and many of the students were surprised that they were able to complete the activities, and the camp, successfully.

The Coolamatong camp again proved its value as part of our school program. Everyone involved appeared to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

I loved everything we did at camp. I saw really amazing views and had a great time. I kind of want to go back to camp. Plus the food was amazing. Elisha, Drouin

The best bit of camp for me was probably the overnight hike. When we were walking we paired up with someone from Drouin and got to learn a little bit about them. We talked while carrying heavy packs, so it helped to keep us going. Sophie, Leongatha

Although we have all somehow managed to adapt back into normal life and divert away from our savage camp ways, I think I can safely say that Camp Coolamatong was a truly eye-opening experience that no one will be forgetting any time soon. Gabby, Drouin

The funniest part was when Corban’s mum capsized the canoe and fell into the water.  My favourite part was making new friends. Corey, Leongatha

The staff members there are pretty cool and easy to get along with. Rachel, Drouin

I enjoyed playing Pookanah around the fire on the overnight hike.  Back at camp, Jacob (a Coolamatong leader) would yell Pookanah every time he was King in ping-pong. Natasha, Leongatha

Camp was great. We made new friends and it was a great experience. Evie, Drouin

My favourite part of camp was the night of the hike where we did loads of riddles and played the Pookanah game. Jonathan, Leongatha

I loved the 50km bike ride because I never thought I would be able to go for that long on a bike. Mikayla, Drouin

My favourite part of camp was the canoe ride.  It was fun paddling with everyone and racing each other. The best part was when we played a game but ended up just splashing each other getting soaked.  There were lots of jelly fish in the water. Cassie, Leongatha

The food was to die for. Grace, Drouin