Design & Technology Centre Opening

Representatives of the local community and government were entertained by Chairo Christian School’s concert bands and big band at the official opening of a new Design and Technology Centre at the school’s Pakenham Campus on Thursday 6 October. The centre houses design, media, textile, industrial and visual arts areas.

Russell Broadbent, the federal member for McMillan, opened the $2.1million project, which was jointly funded by the school and a Federal Government contribution of $600,000. Mr Broadbent enthralled the 650 students in the school hall by leading them in an impromptu song complete with actions.

Campus Principal, Steve McAllister said, ‘Senior students who have already enjoyed using this excellent new facility have commented that they have been delighted by the learning experiences offered to them.’ Two of these students shared their thoughts at the opening.

Abigail Butler said, ‘The design and technology centre has been a long-awaited blessing for many creative students. It has allowed us to have a creative space to work independently and display our achievements.’ Cameron Attwood commented: ‘I’ve greatly benefitted from having this building provided this year, as it has aided my Year 12 studies greatly.