Drouin Year 12 Celebration Day

Some serious aging occurred at the Drouin Campus on Friday 14 October, with our creative Year 12 students celebrating their final day of school with a Retirement Village theme. Year 12 Coordinator, Shelly Breamish explained: ‘Dressed in costumes sourced from op shops and several grandmas’ wardrobes (and one dad’s wardrobe, in particular), students welcomed staff members, students and parents as their over-60s selves. They tottered to and fro across a hand-drawn pedestrian crossing and greeted those arriving at school by car.’

Those arriving by bus were greeted by an ‘old timer’s band’ playing on the back of a ute, and with the fun of seeing ‘oldies’ playing on a bouncy slide and competing with each other in a blow-up dueling ring. Upon arrival, students were given ‘sweeties’, biscuits and a visitor’s pass that contained the message, ‘Members of Chairo Retirement Village would like to thank you for all your involvement throughout this year’. Other features of the morning involved a ‘graveyard’ honouring all of the students in the cohort who had previously moved on from Chairo to pursue other things, and large game of bingo in the courtyard.  The ‘oldies’ enjoyed a pancake breakfast together—thanks so much to our parent helpers for preparing this—followed by fairy floss and good fun.

By mid-morning, the school had once again returned to its young self and the Year 12 students gathered in the hall foyer for their final assembly. The Unit 4 Music Performance class kicked off the assembly with a beautiful rendition of Psalm 139 by Sons of Korah.  This was followed by a music clip featuring DJ Barnes, ‘Mr Presant’ and ‘Mr Chaffer’.  Our school captains, Grace Watson and Samuel Wentworth, shared special memories and offered kind advice for those approaching Year 12 in the future. The assembly concluded with the Class of 2016 gathering on stage for their final goodbye, at which point they were commissioned into their future through the prayer of Mrs Barnes.

Following the final assembly, staff members, students and parents gathered in the library for a late morning tea and the final event of the day: ‘Thank your teacher’.  Students from individual classes spoke about how they had appreciated their teachers and then honoured them with a gift.  All in all, Celebration Day 2016 was a wonderful day of celebrating our wonderful Year 12 students and sending them off to exams and then into their future endeavours.