Mission and Vision

Chairo Christian School’s Mission and Vision reflect our desire to work in partnership with families. We seek to provide an education that allows each child to reach their full God-given potential. This is achieved while providing parents with an environment in which they can maintain and exercise their scriptural authority and responsibility for their children.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in Christ-centred education in partnership with families within a caring Christian community.

Our Vision

  • Maintain an uncompromising biblical foundation and Christian stand in all endeavours of the Association.
  • Serve families by providing accessible Christ-centred education, while ensuring control remains in the hands of Christian parents.
  • Aim for excellence by providing an environment in which students and staff are encouraged to reach their full God-given potential.
  • Cultivate community that reflects the love of Christ.
  • Actively support the provision and extension of a Christ-centred education.

Education, Partnership, Community

We have developed a concise booklet to unpack our mission statement and help interested families understand why Chairo exists and what we value. It covers the key areas of a Christ-centred education, partnership with families, caring Christian community and excellence.