Enrolment Process

The members of our Enrolment Team have the privilege of meeting new families, taking you on tours and answering lots of questions. Chairo means “Rejoice” and that has been our experience. At Chairo we see people caring, encouraging and supporting one another. It is a blessing to be involved in such a great school.

Our Process

  1. We encourage you to book a personal tour.
  2. Complete an online enrolment application. Note: when enrolling more than one child, please first email to avoid paying multiple enrolment application fees.
  3. Your application will be considered and you will be advised if a position is available.
  4. An academic and parent partnership interview with the Head of School, and also a finance interview, will be arranged.
  5. You will be contacted, usually within one week, regarding the outcome of the process.

Enrolment Policy

Chairo is a Christian school. In order to fulfill our mission and objectives, and to maintain a predominantly Christian community, we aim for a minimum level of 75% of students from Christian homes; this means we also can’t offer every student a place. A range of criteria help determine whether or not an application will be successful.

For enrolment purposes, a Christian family is defined as a family where at least one parent/guardian is able to make a credible profession of faith as a Bible-believing Christian; agrees with and adheres to Chairo's Articles of Faith; regularly attends a church/fellowship with doctrinal beliefs substantially consistent with those of the School; and is willing and able to provide a pastoral reference or contact details for a pastoral referee check.

All families are expected to support the ethos of the School, as reflected in the Statement of Rules and various policies, and to abide by the requirements of the Statement of Rules and all policies. 

Enrolment Policy
Statement of Rules
Chairo Prospectus

Enrolment Contacts

enrolment chairo

Amy Wallace

Elise Groenewaldt (acting 2021)

Drouin & Drouin East campuses
03 5625 4600

enrolment chairo

Wendy Nyhuis

Leongatha Campus
03 5662 4355

enrolment chairo

Hannah Sollberger

Pakenham Campus
03 5942 5632

enrolment chairo

Tonya Russell

Traralgon Campus
03 5173 0500