Student Leadership

We’re committed to growing student leaders and providing them with opportunities to exercise their gifts and talents, while being mentored and guided by teachers.

To be an effective leader, students need to learn to serve. With Jesus Christ as our ultimate example we offer opportunities for leaders to receive training and to serve both within the school and the community.

In addition to student captains at different levels of the school, there are also students in a range of other leadership positions (e.g. house captains) and serving on the Senate or Student Representative Council.

However, leadership opportunities are not limited to those wearing badges. We expect older students to be good role models to younger students, and we’re always looking to train and encourage students who demonstrate particular leadership potential.

Each student is encouraged and expected to set a leadership example at different stages of their school journey. They all have gifts and talents in various areas, such as academic, sporting and cultural.  Our school community always benefits when students accept the leadership challenge when it comes along.

Growing Leaders

As one of the Senior School captains, I have enjoyed leading the Senate. I have learned how important it is to plan and work together in a team so things run smoothly.  I’m grateful to God, because He was in control no matter how hectic things seemed.
Jess Ross, Drouin Senior School Captain 2015

We found the experience of being Senior School captains rewarding and fulfilling. We enjoyed working and brainstorming with the teachers and our fellow captains. We discovered that you must remain true to yourself, provide a good example to other students, and extend the hand of friendship to everyone.
Isaac & Tamsin
Pakenham Senior School Captains 2015

Being one of the Senior School captains was a blast and has been a huge learning experience. Organising events with staff and students has taught me a whole new set of communication skills.
Toby Lewis, Drouin Senior School Captain 2015