Fee Schedules

School Fees for Families

At Chairo, our vision is to work in partnership with families. As a parent-controlled school, the Board is made up of Chairo parents. They understand the needs of parents for affordable education and the increasing costs of providing it, and therefore set fees accordingly.

In Australia, we are grateful for the support of both State and Federal government funding of independent schools like Chairo. This funding significantly reduces the school fees charged to our families.

Chairo’s fee structure is designed to give realistic access to a distinctive Christian education to families in a broad income range. To further assist, generous discounts apply where two or more children attend from one family.

Inclusive Fees

Chairo is committed to a policy where the cost of all core curriculum camps and excursions are included in the fee structure. Importantly, the majority of student stationery needs and even some text books are also included in the fees. This means any additional expenses through the year are kept to a minimum.

Note, for historical reasons, the fee structure at the Leongatha Campus varies from the other campuses. Please refer to the fee schedule for details.

A Generous Community

Families in Christian service or with restricted finances may be considered for some limited Bursary funds. Information about how to apply for a Bursary can be obtained by contacting the Enrolment Coordinator.

Christian education – it’s worth it!

2021 Drouin & Drouin East Fee Schedule
2021 Leongatha Fee Schedule
2021 Pakenham Fee Schedule
2021 Traralgon Fee Schedule