Mission, Values & Vision

Chairo’s Mission, Values and Vision reflect our desire to work in partnership with families, and to see each student develop capability, character and commitment.

Our Mission

To provide excellence in Christ-centred education in partnership with families within a caring Christian community.

Our Values

Christ-like character

We are being transformed daily through God’s word and Spirit, as both individuals and as a community.
Values Video: Christ-like character

Biblical foundation

We maintain an uncompromising biblical foundation in all that we think, do and say.
Values Video: Biblical foundation


We partner with parents as they seek to fulfil their God-given responsibility for the nurture and education of their children.
Values Video: Partnership


We grow relationships that express the love and rule of Christ.
Values Video: Relationship


We provide an educational environment in which students and staff members are nurtured toward reaching their potential through and for Christ.
Values Video: Achievement


We celebrate and respond to the uniqueness of each individual as an image-bearer of God.
Values Video: Uniqueness


We steward wisely all that God has given us for the cause of Christian education.
Values Video: Stewardship

Our Vision

To see Christ’s redemptive impact in the world through the capability, character and commitment of our students.

Education, Partnership, Community

We have developed a concise booklet to unpack our mission statement and help interested families understand why Chairo exists and what we value. It covers the key areas of a Christ-centred education, partnership with families, caring Christian community, and excellence.