Historic Battle and Feast

27-Jun-2017 | Drouin

As the mist rose on a cold yet sunny day at the Drouin Campus late in Term 2, the History units being studied by Years 7 & 8 students came to an exciting conclusion. 

Whether they had studied ancient or medieval civilisations, the students dressed in costumes appropriate to their era and marched behind class banners to face each other in battle. Many brave heroes fell—either to the thrust of a plastic sword or the impact of a flour bomb—in the quest for supremacy.

Everyone enjoyed a demonstration of our full-sized trebuchet while scores from the battle and archery completion were tallied, and the members of 7–8 BATS class were then announced as the winning warriors.

To celebrate the valiant efforts of all participants, the battle was followed by a medieval feast in the school hall, which was lorded over by the king and queen of the victorious class. Students sat and ate according to their social rank, which no doubt resulted in mixed levels of enjoyment of the actual meal.

Students, teachers and distinguished guests were provided with entertainment by a number of musicians and performers, and students were able to participate in a variety of fun games and energetic dances.

All-in-all, the historic battle and feast resulted in a day of much merriment, activity and enjoyment as everyone celebrated a term of great effort and learning.